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    3. mAh

      Mi Power Bank2C

      Large Capacity | Dual USB Output
      Premium Quality Lithium-ion Polymer Battery | Two-way Fast Charging

      Large 20000 mAh Capacity - Charge All of Your Devices with Just One Power Bank

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      While keeping the capacity of the Mi Power Bank 2C at 20000 mAh, we managed to lower the product's cost with more advanced technology. The Mi Power Bank 2C is now offering even better performance at a lower price. As a large capacity power bank, it can be used to charge your phone, tablet, and other electronic devices repeatedly.

      Get More Choices with
      Dual USB Output

      Single port output supports QC3.0 devices

      With simultaneous output on both ports, the Mi Power Bank 2C can provide up to 5.1 V/3.6 A of power. When used as a single port output, it can be used to charge QC3.0 devices. The two output ports can be used to charge your mobile phone and tablet at the same time, or you can share with a friend.

      • 5.1 V / 3.6 A
      • USB x 2
      • Smart Output
      • Offers Superior Compatibility

      Making Minor Adjustments to an Elegant Design

      Making Internal Changes to Improve the Exterior

      To showcase our superior product quality, we used PC+ABS eco-friendly plastic material for the exterior casing. The matte finish and gradient etched effect make the exterior design even more refined. Enhancements were made to improve the way it feels in your hand; non-slip and scratch-resistant.

      Complete Optimization to Enhance Charging and Discharging Efficiency

      20000mAh Mi Power Bank 2C, uses premium quality Li-polymer battery to provide outstanding performance. Weighing at 358 g, taking a power bank with you on your trip is no longer a burden.

      Easy to Carry and Use, Supports Low Current Charging

      Double-press the button to activate the 2-hour low current charging mode for charging your Bluetooth headset and Mi Band.
      You will never have to worry about not being able to charge your low power devices.

      • Mi Bluetooth Headset0.06A
      • Mi Band0.025A

      * Data listed above are collected under controlled laboratory conditions and may vary due to environmental changes.

      High Quality Circuit Chip to Increase Safety

      The advanced circuit chip is not only safer, but can also effectively enhance the conversion rate and stabilize the discharging voltage.
      The chip is also equipped with high-precision resistivity sensors.
      In addition to the 9-layer circuit protection, charging and discharging efficiency have also been increased significantly.

      • Temperature Protection

        By adding thermistors and temperature control mechanisms, the working temperature of the lithium battery will always remain within a safe range.

      • Short Circuit Protection

        Offers automatic protection when a short circuit occurs to prevent damages to the main board and the battery.

      • Reset Protection

        With the added circuit to handle resets, when an abnormal condition occurs and the product is unable to function normally, the Power button can be pressed to resume operation.

      • Input Overvoltage Protection

        Overvoltage can be prevented by using the OVP circuit to protect the back-end circuit.

      • Anti-reverse Input Protection

        If the Micro USB cable is plugged in upside-down, the circuit is automatically interrupted to protect the charging equipment.

      • Output Overcurrent Protection

        Smart features will detect the output current in a timely manner, and when the output current has exceeded the upper limit, output is terminated automatically to protect the device(s) being charged.

      • Output Overvoltage Protection

        Smart features will detect the output voltage in a timely manner, and when the output voltage has exceeded the upper limit, output is terminated automatically to protect the device(s) being charged.

      • Battery Overcharge/Over-Discharge Protection

        Equipped with lithium battery protection components made in Japan to effectively protect against overcharging/over-discharging and prevent battery damage.

      • Hardware-level Battery Overcurrent/Short Circuit Protection

        Full hardware detection to monitor the battery's overcurrent/short circuit status; rapid response time to disrupt the battery circuit and ensure battery safety.